May 21, 2024
The Oura ring redefines health tracking beyond fitness

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? As we conclude the first weeks of 2024, chances are that the fresh-start effect has begun to wane. When it comes to succeeding in what we set out to achieve and the habits we want to instil, consistency and dedication will beat that oh-so-fickle motivation every time.

But could technology — specifically wearables — help us remain steadfast on our path towards healthier choices and taking better care of ourselves? To find out, I decided to take the Oura ring for a test spin.

The smart ring uses 20 different biometric markers to track sleep, physical activity, and — its latest feature — stress resilience.

I have to say that I did become attached to the ring pretty quickly. Maybe I haven’t quite begun calling it “my precious” yet, but I did start referring to it as “my Oura” within a week. It is sleeker than any Fitbit, and, dare we say it, much more stylish than the Whoop band (sorry, Crossfiters), and the app itself looks pretty beautiful.


Screen shot of the Oura activity score and working heart rate